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Losing someone is already hard enough without having to deal with everything else.  At Serenity, we assist and accompany you throughout the whole process. Contact us today and we will guide you and answer any questions or concerns you have. We will offer you a range of services and options and support you in selecting the option perfect for you.

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24/7 Support

We are available around the clock, providing compassionate 24/7 support to assist you during the challenging moments and ensuring that you are never alone in your time of need.


We prioritise affordability and transparency in pricing, providing clear and comprehensive information to empower families to make informed decisions without financial surprises.


We believe in the power of personalization, tailoring every detail to reflect the unique life and spirit of your loved one, creating a meaningful and heartfelt farewell experience

Bereavement Support

Our commitment extends beyond the ceremony, as we offer compassionate bereavement support to guide and assist you through the grieving process, providing a caring presence during your time of need.


With a wealth of professionalism and expertise, our committed team at Serenity guides you with care and precision, ensuring that every aspect of the process is handled with the utmost skill.


The thoughtfully designed facilities that we use provide a comforting and serene environment, offering spacious chapels and modern reception areas to accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger ceremonies.


We offer diverse cremation and burial ceremonies to accommodate personal, cultural, and religious preferences. These include viewings, religious services, and celebration of life ceremonies, tailored to honour each individual. Our compassionate team at Serenity Funeral Services ensures a heartfelt and personalised experience for grieving families.


A straightforward and cost-effective alternative to traditional funerals provides families with a simple yet respectful way to honour their loves ones' memory. Click below and discover six main features of Direct Cremation and why it might be the right choice for your family.

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Embracing the serene beauty of South Spain's coastal landscapes, we offer the option of scattering ashes at sea as a unique and meaningful way to bid farewell to your loved one. The gentle ebb and flow of the Mediterranean waters provide a tranquil setting for a final tribute. Our experienced team ensures a respectful and dignified ceremony, allowing you to find solace in the natural surroundings while honoring your cherished memories. Scattering ashes at sea in South Spain offers a peaceful and poignant way to say goodbye, allowing your loved one to become part of the eternal beauty of the ocean.

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Navigating the complexities of repatriation from Spain to your loved one's home country can be a challenging process during a difficult time. At Serenity Funeral Services, we understand the importance of a seamless and dignified transition. Our experienced team is well-versed in international repatriation procedures and will handle all necessary arrangements with utmost care and professionalism. 

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How much does a funeral service cost?

The cost of a funeral service in the South of Spain is influenced by family decisions. This includes cases where death insurance is held of when arrangements are made directly with the funeral home. After a death occurs, relatives get in touch with the funeral home. The funeral home then begins with essential and budget-friendly options, later customising the service with extras that impact the final cost. Factors like the type of coffin, burial or creation, the location of the service, flowers, farewell ceremonies, and various additional services can cause price fluctuations.

What documents does the funeral home need?

During the initial interaction, alongside the medical death certificated, we will require the identification of both the deceased individual and the requester for us to proceed with the service. If the deceased held a funeral insurance policy, this is the opportune moment to locate the policy details. Additionally, if a burial within a privately owner cemetery plot is desired, the corresponding cemetery documentation should also be provided. 

What to do when someone dies?

Should the demise transpire outside of a medical facility or an establishment equipped with medical services, your initial step is to dial 112 for the purpose of obtaining an official death certification. Contact us at your earliest convenience and we will promptly extend our support. Our services are accessible to you around the clock, every day of the year.

Are there religious or cultural considerations to be aware of?

Yes, we respect and accommodate various religious and cultural practices. Let us know your preferences, and we'll ensure the service aligns with your traditions.

Can I customize the funeral service?

Absolutely. We offer a range of options to personalize the service, including choice of music, flowers, memorial items, and ceremonies tailored to reflect the life of the deceased.

How do I transport the deceased within or outside of Spain?

We can assist with both domestic and international transportation of the deceased. We ensure all necessary documentation and procedures are followed for a smooth process.

How do I choose between burial and cremation?

The choice between burial and cremation is personal. We can discuss the options, their costs, and help you make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and beliefs.

Can I pre-plan a funeral in advance?

Yes, we offer pre-planning services that allow you to make your funeral arrangements in advance. This can relieve your family from making tough decisions during a difficult time.

What support services do you provide for grieving families?

We offer grief counseling resources and support to help you cope with your loss. Our aim is to provide comprehensive assistance during this challenging time.

Can I hold a memorial service without the body present?

Yes, you can opt for a memorial service without the body present. We can arrange for a memorial ceremony to honor and remember the departed.

"In times of loss, we stand as the silent pillars of strength, weaving compassion into every detail. Serenity Funeral Services: Where Memories Endure, Love Prevails, and Farewells are Crafted with Dignity."
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